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Scratched Discs PerfectPlay

Damaged discs made new

Get your games, movies & music discs repaired from just £2.00 with our dedicated disc repair machine. (Badly scratched discs may cost more depending on the level of damage and type of disc.) Common problems such as the XBOX 360 "laser burn" can be completely removed, and the disc restored to perfect condition.

How it works

The reason scratched discs do not play is because the laser is failing to read the data layer within the disc correctly because of a scratch in the shiny, playing surface. Our disc repair machines polish the scratches out of the shiny side of an optical disc which allows the laser to read the data layer again. Using a custom abrasive polishing liquid and soft pads, the disc surface is gently removed to give a mirror smooth finish.

What can't be repaired

There are certain types of damage that can't be repaired, including: You can test if your disc has data-layer damage by holding it up to a strong light. If you can see points of light through the disc then it usually means the disc is un-repairable. However, if it's a CD or DVD and is also badly scratched a repair can sometimes make it playable again.

Opening times

Disc repair is usually available Monday - Friday between 10am - 3pm. Most repairs take 10-15 minutes, but can take longer for severely scratched discs. Please call to check before you make a special journey.